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If home-schooling is an option you are considering, then there are many things you may wish to think about. This may seem overwhelming at first. Home schooling requires a lot of new responsibilities, but it may be a good option for many parents. Our home schooling programme supports parents and guardians who have decided to home educate their children.

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Reasons for Home Schooling

There are many reasons that some parents decide to homeschool their children, and you may even find that it is a combination of several different reasons that are driving you to educate your children outside the school setting. 

Some parents have had their own experiences with home education. If these experiences were positive, then they may find themselves wanting to pass on these good experiences to their own children.

Students may also be struggling in a school environment. They may have behavioural difficulties or a Special Educational Need (SEN) that is keeping them from reaching their full potential in mainstream schools. They may also just be unhappy or having a hard time coping while they are at school. In addition to this, they may also be sensitive to other students who are misbehaving and therefore get frustrated.

Parents may have many personal reasons for not wanting to send their child to their local school. They may not agree with teaching methods or philosophies promoted by the school or the curriculum chosen by the administration. They may also have a lack of options when it comes to locations to send their children.

Some students may also need an extra challenge that mainstream education is at times unable to provide. More individualised instruction can be implemented at home, which helps students who struggle and students who excel reach their full potential. 

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How Newman Tuition Can Help

No matter what your reason for home education is, Newman Tuition is dedicated to helping you have the best experience possible. We provide specialist home school tutors that can help your child be successful in progressing academically. Developing confidence and happiness is also possible when it comes to creating their own learning and schedule that is individualised to their needs.

Tutors are matched with students based on specific personality and educational needs, so each student receives individualised instruction tailored to help them succeed. Teaching methods can be adjusted as the student progresses, and as the tutor gets to know them better, to accommodate for each student’s individual learning style.

Our tutors are highly qualified and have lots of experience when it comes to helping all kinds of students reach their full potential. Our tutors are DBS checked to ensure everyone is safe and are friendly, caring and inspiring.

Lessons can be delivered at different paces, depending on the student’s ability and comfort level. This will both challenge the student to keep excelling and progressing, but won’t place undue stress and frustration on their shoulders. This will build confidence that they will carry with them in other academic pursuits and into the wider world.

While the methods are focused and tailored to help students succeed, it is not going to push them too hard. The relaxed nature of being taught at home allows them to feel more comfortable and takes away a lot of the pressures associated with school education. They can pursue their interests, at a comfortable pace, and in their own home.

If you would like more information about our home schooling programme, please contact us today. We can provide advice and support for home schooling your children and you can also book a risk-free first lesson.

Good to know…Our tutors work alongside parents to provide high quality, flexible education in the comfort of a student’s home.  

What can our tutors offer you?

  • Carefully planned sessions which help to establish a clear structure and achievable goals.
  • Engaging lessons that encourage your child to enjoy their studies and become independent learners.
  • Written feedback after every lesson to enable you to keep track of your child’s progress.

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“This is a tutoring company that provides a friendly and efficient service. Forthcoming and reliable, they will bend over backwards to help.”

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“This is a tutoring company that provides a friendly and efficient service. Forthcoming and reliable, they will bend over backwards to help.”
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