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English Language A Level

It’s quite a leap from GCSE English Language to A Level. If you already know your graphemes from your phonemes you’re off to a good start, but with many theories and theorists to get to grips with, and a whole world of context to take into account, it would be easy to feel somewhat swamped. But fear not, our tutors know their stuff and can serve as a guide through the mire of information and keep it interesting at the same time.

Common Areas of Study:

  • Language diversity and change
  • Textual variations and representations
  • Children’s language development

Key Aspects

  • Phonetics, phonology and prosodics
  • Lexis and semantics
  • Grammar
  • Pragmatics
  • Discourse

Popular exam boards include:

English Literature A Level

Even the most dedicated bookworm might baulk at the amount of reading required for the Literature A Level. From Shakespeare to Shelley and beyond, there is a lot to take on board; remembering whether it was Hemingway or Hill who said ‘there is nothing worse than war’, or whether the Tenant was at Northanger Abbey or Wildfell Hall, is just not enough. Luckily our tutors are experts and can help with all that the syllabus demands, from analysis to argument and content to context. 

Possible areas of study

Popular Exam Boards include

Whatever programme of study you’re following, our tutors will ensure that you are confident in the planning and construction of the sophisticated essays that are expected at this level…they can even teach you how to avoid getting cramp from writing for too long. Handy.

Good To Know…Your first lesson is entirely risk-free, if you are not satisfied with your trial session there’s no charge. 

What can our tutors offer you?

  • Carefully planned sessions which help to establish a clear structure and achievable goals.
  • Engaging lessons that encourage your child to enjoy their studies and become independent learners.
  • Written feedback after every lesson to enable you to keep track of your child’s progress.

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