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Kid comes home from first day at school.

Mum asks, “What did you learn today?”

Kid replies, “Not enough. I have to go back tomorrow.”

Home tuition supports academic success outside the hours of regular school and can help benefit students of all ability levels. Students that are struggling can benefit from home tuition by getting specialised help for the subjects that they find tricky. Students that are excelling can get additional support that will help deepen and enhance their understanding.

What is Home Tuition?

Home tuition pairs students with a private tutor that provides one-to-one personalised lessons that are given to your child in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

Tutors do more than just provide instruction, they also help raise confidence in their students. They can help improve knowledge retainment and understanding, as well as helping a student discover a life-long love of learning.

Home tuition is a positive experience because it helps each student achieve their personal best. They become more confident and enthusiastic towards their learning and develop their educational skills and knowledge.

Tutors are able to visit your home at a convenient time for your child to study, or lessons are available online to offer even more flexibility. Tutors are highly qualified and have lots of experience when it comes to helping all kinds of students reach their full potential. They are DBS checked to ensure everyone is safe and are friendly, caring and inspiring.

Benefits of Home Tuition

There are many benefits when it comes to home tuition for your child. Tutoring offered in your home offers fewer distractions than other forms of instruction. There are no other students, and the student is in an environment that makes them feel comfortable and at ease.

The tutor is also able to focus on specific topics. Different students have specific areas of strengths and weaknesses, so each student needs different instruction. When a tutor is able to get to know a student, they can then offer specialised tutoring that focuses on the areas that they require support.

Tutors will adapt their teaching styles to meet the needs of each student. Not only does your child have specific needs when it comes to areas that need extra help, but they also have different learning styles and preferences. Tutors can create individualised study plans that match your child’s needs. In this way, they can help get students excited about learning, even in subject areas that might be difficult.

Our tutors can also help increase student confidence in areas where a student may be struggling. Sometimes students have a hard time in certain subjects because they doubt their abilities. Once they gain more confidence, they can approach their learning with greater levels of success. Tutors can also fill in gaps in learning due to prolonged school absences for a short period of time to get a student back on track.

Our tutors offer extra support when it comes to completing homework assignments. Students can learn the skills needed to be more organised and focused when it comes to studying. They can also help teach them different ways to study and how to develop exam techniques.

Students will be able to study during times that are best for them. Flexible learning means students can study at times when their mind is most alert, and they are most focused. This may mean during the morning for some students and at night for others.

Developing these skills provides students with greater long-term benefits. They will have a greater understanding of all subjects, which will help them achieve a more rounded education and success in their future endeavours.

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Good to know…increasing confidence in students has a huge impact on the progress they make in educational settings.   

What can our tutors offer you?

  • Carefully planned sessions which help to establish a clear structure and achievable goals.
  • Engaging lessons that encourage your child to enjoy their studies and become independent learners.
  • Written feedback after every lesson to enable you to keep track of your child’s progress.

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“This is a tutoring company that provides a friendly and efficient service. Forthcoming and reliable, they will bend over backwards to help.”

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“This is a tutoring company that provides a friendly and efficient service. Forthcoming and reliable, they will bend over backwards to help.”
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