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“Education means inspiring someone’s mind, not just filling their head.”

Online Tuition is an effective and convenient way to receive tutoring and access learning resources. More than ever, finding a safe and effective way for students to progress in their academic careers is important and online tuition is a great option to choose.

With online tuition, you can see, hear, and speak to your tutor as if they were in the same room as you. In addition to this being a safer option for some people, it also provides quality instruction at the individual level. This provides many benefits to students and their families. You won’t even need to make your tutor cups of tea!


Online tuition is very convenient. Students are able to stick to their current schedule and fit in lessons when they have free time. Not having to rearrange schedules to fit tutoring means you are able to keep your other activities up and going with minimal disruptions. There are always time slots available since tutors are available in different parts of the country, so the power to schedule your lessons when you have free time is completely in your hands.

Travel time to lessons is eliminated since all you need is a laptop and internet connection. You can access tutors and lessons anywhere you are, even if you are traveling or fitting them in during breaks in your normal schedule. You won’t have to budget for the cost of transportation to tutoring appointments, and you get to learn in the environment where you feel most comfortable. The flexibility of this program allows you to juggle all different aspects of your life with ease.

Individualised Tutors

Different students learn in different ways and connect better with some people than others. It is important to find someone you work well with, and that can motivate you to learn. We have a wide range of tutors which gives you the freedom to find one that is best suited for your child’s needs.

Our program is also safe and effective because we take great care in the hiring process. We only hire qualified tutors and ensure they are DBS checked to ensure that all students are safe and receive the best teaching possible. We also only hire those tutors who are able to prove their ability to inspire, educate and communicate.

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Online tuition is just as effective, sometimes more so than face-to-face instruction. Utilising online video and audio platforms like Zoom, Skype and Google Hangouts allow for tutors and students to communicate as if they were in the same room.

The tutoring works the same as if they were in the same room, and students just talk via the communication platform on their device instead of in person. Some students benefit from this autonomy and can focus better when communication is done via the internet.

Even though our tutors are teaching online, they focus on clear communication throughout the entire session to ensure that all students understand instructions and the material.


Along with access to individualised tutoring, our students also have other resources at their fingertips. Online resources to supplement their instruction can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. These resources can help deepen understanding and support the individual’s learning since they are interactive and motivating.

If you are interested in providing online tuition for your child, get in touch with Newman Tuition today. Online Tuition will help your child progress and achieve their potential. Click here to book a risk-free first lesson.

Good to know…Our tutors provide online tuition that is engaging, interactive and personalised to every student.

What can our tutors offer you?

  • Carefully planned sessions which help to establish a clear structure and achievable goals.
  • Engaging lessons that encourage your child to enjoy their studies and become independent learners.
  • Written feedback after every lesson to enable you to keep track of your child’s progress.

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“This is a tutoring company that provides a friendly and efficient service. Forthcoming and reliable, they will bend over backwards to help.”

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“This is a tutoring company that provides a friendly and efficient service. Forthcoming and reliable, they will bend over backwards to help.”
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