School Entrance Maths Tutors

7+/8+ Maths Tutors

Practice is everything! If your child feels well-prepared and has confidence in their knowledge and skills then the stress of exams can be very much diminished – that’s where our tutors come in. We have plenty of experience in supporting students undertaking the 7/8+ and can tailor each session to your child’s individual needs. The exam is linked closely to the core curriculum and common aspects include:

11+ Maths Tutors

Decimals, fractions, shapes, angles, ratio, problem solving, non-verbal reasoning…our tutors have a wealth of experience in supporting students through the demands of the 11+ (Common Entrance). We tailor one-to-one sessions to the requirements of the exam and the needs of your child. We know that students who are well-prepared and confident are going to perform far better under pressure; our tutors can make sure your child is ready for the exam by not only working with them on the skills and knowledge required but by helping them to put in place good revision strategies…strategies that they can put to good use as they move into Key Stage 3 and beyond.

We have helped applicants gain places at independent schools such as:

Along with leading grammar schools such as:

Good to know…Your first lesson is entirely risk-free, if you are not satisfied with your trial session there’s no charge. 

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