One Child, One Champion – an Ode to Tutors

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February is typically called “The month of Love” 💝 but “love” is linked to February in a very restrictive-predictive-romantic- Valentine’s-Day kind of way…

This year, I want to challenge our one-dimensional perspective and implore us to see love through the lens of “service.”

Hear me out!

Traditionally, we have equated “service” with being a “servant” and henceforth put that role in a very negative, unglamorous and archaic box – one that should be left unopened!

However, there are numerous people, ordinary people, selfless people who spread love everyday by serving… Serving the “unseen,” the “underprivileged,” the “weary” and the “outcasts.” Our world is a much better place for having these “servants” who offer a service that is changing our world, one person at a time!

Love is well and truly in the air this month as I celebrate the role of Tutors and the wonderful impact they are having – their contribution to the learning and development sphere cannot and should not be underrated! They are a force for good – change makers with the heart and courage to alter the destiny of countless young people who are the leaders of tomorrow.

One Child, One Champion!

Celebrating the role of Tutors (mentors, educators, advocates)

Every child is unique.
Every child is one-of-a-kind.
Every child is an individual.
We know this to be true but in the sphere of learning, we so easily expect every child to be the same as their peers. We so easily paint them with the same brush and have the same expectations of them.

When we engage with a child, we’re engaging with an eclectic mix of character, heart, persona, humour and perspective. That means each child brings something slightly different to the table – as we value what each learner brings, we are better able to appreciate the feast before us as educators.

The beauty of tutoring one-on-one or in small groups is that we get to know each child better – from knowing, we move to understanding and from understanding, drawing out their potential will flow easily because we are better equipped to nurture their minds.

We know what makes them laugh.
We’re acutely aware of their learning styles.
We appreciate their uniqueness.
We can shape them to enjoy learning with a growth mindset.

Where a busy classroom can feel like a battle-ground for some learners, tutoring can be a safe haven. In a busy teaching environment, some students need to fight to be seen, heard and understood but that can change in a smaller, quieter setting – tutors get to know their tutees on a deeper level by taking the time to understand their view of the world and the blockers to them embracing a growth mindset.

I have connected with many learners while playing chess, memorising poetry, decorating Mother’s Day cards and jumping on a trampoline. I have been educated by them as much as I have educated them. It is a beautiful cycle of giving and taking and appreciating the world through each other’s unique lens.

Tutors have a calling to champion each student they come into contact with – whether it’s for one hour, two days, three weeks, six months or four years. My belief is that if every child had a champion in their corner, they would feel valued and empowered to grow and flourish!

Too many children are falling through the cracks and landing in a pit of despair, depression and discouragement. In a lot of these situations, tutoring is a gift – the gift that keeps on giving…Tutors step in, stand in the gap and serve.

They can draw each of these students back into the arena of learning, growing, achieving and believing that they can make progress and move forward confidently.

Whether children are in full-time school, being home-schooled part-time or experiencing a mix of alternative provision, supplementary education and formalised teaching, a tutor can be a vital part of their learning journey – a stepping stone to plugging the gaps and filling the blank spaces – all in a fun environment! The joy of learning can be embraced as a lifelong pursuit to excellence.

So, as the rest of the world celebrates love with red roses, dreamy dinners, silver jewellery and cute cards, I want to say a big and resounding THANK YOU to each Tutor who not only teaches but mentors, educates, inspires, empowers and sticks with each child, on what could be a very tumultuous journey – you are all CHAMPIONS!

Peju is a maths and English tutor with Newman Tuition. To book a lesson with her, or one of our other excellent tutors, please call us on 020 3198 8006, email us at [email protected], or complete the form on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

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