All Pupils Can Progress in Maths

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My experience has taught me that every child can do maths. Progress in maths is made through building upon the foundation skills of arithmetic, however if a child misses some fundamental basic skills, they will find it more difficult to learn, retain and make connections as the curriculum moves on. As a qualified teacher with 10 years’ experience of teaching in both secondary and primary school, spending most of those years in special educational needs, I understand the need for differentiated teaching. To me, true differentiation is individual to each child; it is about assessing skills and understanding, not assuming transferable knowledge, teaching at the level of each child, securing basic skills, providing resources that aid understanding and recapping and overlearning topics.

For the last 3 years I have been tutoring pupils with difficulties in maths, including those with dyscalculia and maths difficulties linked to dyslexia. I have recently completed my qualification as a specialist teacher for learners with specific learning difficulties. My course aided me to support pupils on a one to one basis from primary age up to GCSE. I do not deny the challenge faced by pupils with maths difficulties in taking GCSE; however I strongly believe that with appropriate differentiated teaching, which focuses on core elements of the exam, it is possible to aim for a pass.

I am offering bespoke one to one lessons over the summer holidays for pupils of all ages who have some or a recognised difficulty in maths. These lessons will be designed to assess the skills, level and ability of each pupil and plan differentiated teaching over a number of sessions. In addition to providing teaching and support, these sessions will also prevent regression over the summer break. I use a wide range of resources and in addition would be happy to advise you on how to continue to support your child.

For more information, or to book maths tutors in london, please call us on 020 3198 8006 or email [email protected]

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