Remembrance Day, 2022

Poppy Image for Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day, 2022
In November, We’re called to Remember…
Lest we Forget!

💣Every year
In November
We’re called to remember

Every one
Especially a son
☠ Lost or won 

Remember in May
Those we slay ⚔
Blood we can’t repay

💔Every life
Taken by strife
Widowed the waiting wife 

Life is like clay
Or so we say🗣
Remember the day

No Man’s Land
🎼📢Recorded the loudest music in life’s band
Shrieks, wails, dying echoes we can’t stand

🔫By grenade and gun
We proclaim that we’ve won
Is this Humanity’s greatest con?

🎲When we roll the dice
And treat people like mice🐀
Blood splatters like grains of rice 

Even in December 
Remember to remember
And choose not to forget in September 

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