Respect for Refugees

guy holding sign saying welcome refugees

It’s wonderful how so many are pulling together in our community and beyond to support refugees from the different countries that are experiencing war and strife.

So much sadness. So much loss. So much strength needed to move forward and rebuild.

I’ve written a poem called Refugee Cry! to highlight the need to respect each journey, each loss and each heartache of each refugee. Their resilience is INSPIRING! 🌟

You can watch me perform the poem by clicking here. The lyrics are below:

Refugee Cry

What refugees need as much as our charity, hospitality and generosity is our RESPECT!
Respect for their journey
Respect for their losses
Respect for their resilience

We had it all…
Then we lost it all
Will we really live again?
Will we get over the pain?
Will we ever be sane?

Will our country ever be the same?
History shows we enjoyed a period of fame
When through our borders many tourists came
Now, it’s been reduced to rubble
As multitudes flee to the refugee camp “bubble”

You judge me by what you see
You look down on me because I had to flee
A country I loved and adored 
Until the lion of war roared and roared
Smoke, blood and pain rose up, they soared
The streets filled with our tears as we mourned and mourned

So, here we are in England
As though someone waved a magic wand
The weather here may not be grand
And I’ve been told that the food is rather bland
But we’ve stopped to give thanks and kiss the ground

At last we’re free again
We can truly live again
We can get over our pain and choose to be sane
Through the sunny weather and the cold hard rain!

You have a part to play
In what you do and say
You can go out of your way
To humiliate us day after day
Do not deny us our right to peace
Do not accuse us of spreading disease
Do not point your finger
And make our self worth linger

I hope you will choose 
To end the abuse
That refugees face
And in any case
We’re still a valuable part of the human race!

Peju is a maths and English tutor with Newman Tuition. To book a lesson with her, or one of our other excellent tutors, please call us on 020 3198 8006, email us at [email protected], or complete the form on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

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