The 21st Century Parent

The parental challenges today are greater than ever. Be in no doubt, the number one cause of these increased challenges is technology.

Many parents are struggling to deal with the impact technology has had on their children and may are unable to resolve issues that arise.

The 21st Century Parent is a brand new programme that upskills parents on key issues facing children whilst also allowing parents to become part of a community where we can learn from one another.

As part of this programme, you get access to six interactive webinars that will increase your knowledge of the issue and provide you with practical advice and guidance on how to minimise the risks and open up communication channels with your child. 

You also get a one-to-one coaching session with facilitator, Amit Kalley, a former Deputy Headteacher and now an ICF Parent Coach.

The six week programme will increase your knowledge, upskill you and guide you on how to effectively communicate with your child to ensure your relationship is as strong as possible.

All of this for just £399. And, if you mention Newman Tuition, you will receive a 20% discount.

If you want to register or want to know more, please email [email protected]

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