Video: An Analytical Method for Finding Turning Points without Use of Differentiation

image with a graph saying max and min turning point

Over the last three centuries , one of the most dominant and fascinating theories in Calculus has been in use by almost all branches of applied Maths. This is known as Calculus and differentiation.

The theory was born in 16th century by the hands of two greatest Mathematicians [Newton (English) and Leibniz (German)]. Ever since, our thinking about Analytical Mathematics has totally changed.

The theory later on was extended to find maxima and minima of functions in different fields. Without this theory, we would not have reached these advances in all branches of applied maths and Physics.

The aim of this video is to introduce another analytical way to look at maxima and minima without use of differentiation. This concept is very simple and fundamental and seems to be new.

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