What Is ‘Success’?

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School and its hierarchical system may sometimes provide a distorted impression of what ‘success’ is for a student. Succeeding isn’t about the exam, the mark, and certainly not about a form of competition with others. Nailing an exam, obtaining the best mark, isn’t just about the student, but also about a lot of factors that the student can’t control. This can create a great deal of stress that might prevent the student from true ‘success.’

The student has one responsibility: giving their very best. And their very best could be polluted, if not eroded, by the pressure of responsibilities they can’t control.

Comforting the student in the true nature of their responsibility, of how they can control their own success, is the best way to keep them aware of the importance of what school offers: a metaphor of Life – the possibility, each day, to be a bit better than the former day. Be proud of themself and achieve real progress. And a real success. For they will nail the exam, be proud of their mark, but knowing that they are consequences of their work, not its goal.

Chloe is an English, French and Spanish tutor with Newman Tuition. To book a lesson with her, or one of our other tutors, please call us on 020 3198 8006 or complete the form on the Contact Us page.

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