8 Week Online Mindfulness Course

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Newman Tuition is delighted to be offering an 8-week online mindfulness course with Dominic Morris, a highly experienced Mindfulness Trainer.

This bespoke course has been specifically designed for busy parents and carers.

We will gradually develop our mindfulness practice, understanding and skills, whilst connecting this to our family life and relationships.

We will explore bringing mindfulness to our interactions with our children, and seeing the benefit of this.

This mindfulness course will support you to:

  • feel calmer and better able to relax
  • respond in a more helpful way to stress and anxiety
  • focus more effectively
  • experiment with different ways of relating to your children
  • be fully present for the precious moments with your children as they grow


What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is an evidence-based approach which is increasingly being used in the corporate world, education, healthcare and other sectors to boost wellbeing and performance.

Mindfulness is about learning to be aware and attuned to whatever is happening in the present moment. Often our patterns of thinking, feeling, relating and perceiving have become automatic and routinised. Mindfulness brings a freshness and richness to the moment, and can give us more choice in how we relate to situations; be it with our children, our colleagues or our ‘To Do’ lists.

What Does The Course Involve?

The course involves an online orientation session lasting 60 minutes followed by 8 online sessions, each lasting 90 minutes. In addition to these sessions, the course includes daily home practice of around twenty minutes. The evidence suggests that this time spent following guided meditations is an important factor in how much participants get out of the course.

The course will run using software from Google, and it will require access to the internet.

What Are The Course Details?

The course will begin with an online orientation session on Wednesday 17th October from 8pm to 9pm.

It will then run on 8 consecutive Wednesdays between Wednesday 31st October to Wednesday 19th December from 8pm to 930pm.

The cost of this bespoke course is just £265. If you wish to sign up, or have any questions, please email [email protected] or call 020 3198 8006. More information about Dominic Morris can be found here.

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