Magic Spelling – A Visual Method of Learning to Spell

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All children are taught to read and spell by using phonics at school. This is an auditory way to learn.       Magic Spelling is a visual way of learning. It provides an alternative to the phonics methodology and helps those children who prefer to learn in a visual way. It also helps to make reading faster and more accurate and develops better comprehension and writing skills.

A course in MAGIC SPELLING will improve

  • Reading speed
  • Reading accuracy
  • Comprehension Writing
  • Writing
  • Self-confidence and self-esteem


There are a significant number of children who have tried to learn to spell phonetically and have failed.  Many of them are very intelligent but are often labelled as lazy, careless or dyslexic. They often feel failures and suffer from low self- esteem. Other subjects become more difficult without the ability to read and write accurately. This can stay with them all their lives and affect their future careers.

All you need is 4 sessions with a specialised tutor over a period of one month – one hour with a parent present and three shorter sessions. Your child will need to practise for 10 minutes every day during the month in order to gain the full benefit.

The earlier the intervention the better, as this will stop bad habits being reinforced.

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